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Band Fees
Band Fees for the 2018-2019 school year have not been posted yet. 
  • Wind or Percussion Member - 
  • Color Guard 1st Semester - 
  • Color Guard 2nd Semester - 
  • Meal Plan - 
  • Water Bottle Replacement - 
  • Button Photo - $5.00
  • Region Band | Orchestra Audition - 
  • Solo & Ensemble - $ per person per event
  • Piano Accompanist - $
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‚ÄčPaying Band Fees with Credit Cards.
Alternatively to paying by check, cash or money order in-person at the Marching Day event, families can also pay online from home either by logging in to their student's Charms account, or by sending the fees through PayPal to or by regular mail.  If paying through PayPal, please make sure to include the student's name in the notes.  Please contact Dana Fields, CCBBC Treasurer, if you have questions.  
You can pay online using with your credit card, Charms information is on this page or on the home page of the website.  Please contact our treasurer, David McEvoy, if you have any questions.

Questions About Band Fees