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TWIB 08/15/2011
Posted on August 15th, 2011

Hey Band and Color Guard!

A Note from Mr. Choate!

Band Schedule for this week.

Mon-Wed: Rehearsal 5-9
Thursday: Rehearsal at 5:00. Show off at 6:00 followed by dinner. All performers please wear a white t-shirt.

Regarding Freshman Orientation and Show-Off conflict: I spoke with the school's administration regarding the conflict. The principal said and encouraged the band students to perform. They students will only miss a speech by Mr. Wells. Mr. Wells understands this conflict. After the freshman perform they are free to take part in all Orientation matters they want to. Freshman are also free to take part in the Band's meal. The freshmen can do the meal or orientation matters in any order they want.

Friday: Off

Saturday: Cougar Day. Band Reports to Band Hall at Noon. We will perform around 12:30 and should be done before 1:30. This is hard to tell exactly the correct times. We will be waiting on the Athletes to return from a scrimmage. I ask everyone to be flexible. All band members please wear your Band Blue Polo Shirt (Freshman wear and blue shirt you have).

Let's have one last great week of Summer Band. It's been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

Go Cougar Band

Jerry Choate

Show-Off Dinner

If you have prepaid you will be able to join us for dinner beginning at 6 pm, as part of the Band Show off.

We would appreciate all the extra hands if possible for the meal on Thursday to set up tables. You will need to help starting at 5:30.

Band Forms/Physicals


Please refer to the website at the Band Forms tab.
The three pdf files are:
Biography 2011-2012, Travel&Emergency Consent 2011-2012, and Physical Evaluation Form

The physical package has many pages to it. The travel consent form is two pages. Additionally there are three places on the forms where the student must sign. If your student turned in forms that are incomplete, the forms will be returned to be completed. The band website has all the forms you need under the form tab. Questions: please email Carol Einkauf

Carol will be in the band hall Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:30 before practice this week. If you need forms or need to check with her, please stop by.


Chaperones are still needed for games and competitions and I will have the book with me Thursday night at the show off and dinner if they want to sign up. They can call or email me as well.


FUNDRAISING Kroger Cards, Entertainment Books and Flags Work Days will be at the Show-Off this Thursday, September 18. See you then!

Kroger cards proceeds go directly to your student's band account. 5% of the amount you spend at Kroger goes to your student's account so take advantage of this opportunity to buy lots of groceries. The card will expire after being used then at zero balance for 90 days. Please try to keep at least $1-$5 on the card so it won't expire from non-usage. Contact Cathy Elijah or Jessica Rinaldo for a card. Balance questions can be answered by Jessica.

E-books or Entertainment books are still available. We are asking that each band member sell 5 books @ $25.00 which nets the band $62.50. If you don’t want to sell, you can just pay the $62.50 (buy out). The books are extremely popular and are pretty easy to sell. There are several high end restaurants that pretty much pay for the book after you use the first couple of coupons.

Get your books at Show Off, August 18th or at Cougar Day, August 20th. Money is due by 09/23/11. We prefer one check payable to CCBBC. For more books or questions, please contact: Julie Jenkins 832-715-7148.

USA Flags will first be displayed on Labor Day weekend. I will send a reminder note to you earlier that week. WE ARE NOT ARRANGING TRANSPORTATION FOR FLAG DAYS. You are welcome to group together much like you did for the Memorial weekend and Flag Day neighborhood canvassing. Please let me know if you are unable to make transportation arrangements.

We still need people for July 4 flags in 2012. Please consider taking 3 routes on this holiday as a fulfillment of your 3 holiday requirement. We're also planning a BBQ/swimming or similar event for this holiday. Sign up today!

Every band student and color guard member is expected to work 3 flag days-2 school year holidays and 1 summer holiday. The neighborhoods enjoy the flags and find the display of flags to be inspiring. This is by far the most popular fund raiser the band and color guard have and it's a big money-maker for us. Please remember to do your part.

Cathy Elijah
281-989-1031 cell

2011-2012 Athletic Booster Media Guide (ABMG)

Seniors’ Baby Photo: I’ve received photos from 8 seniors: J. Chaney, M. Edwards, M. English, K. McDougald, A. Medina, M. Muyskens, E. Willis & H. Zedaker. For those who have not done so, please send a hi-res photo to For those who need help scanning, please have your senior bring their actual photo to school and give it to my son, Ryan Le – he plays the flute. I need all the photos ASAP because the deadline to turn in all the photos to the printer is next Saturday, 8/20/11.

Band’s Leadership Photo: I’ve made arrangement with Mr. Choate to take pictures of the Leadership Team on Tuesday afternoon, 8/16/11, at 4:30. Jerry will instruct them on proper attire on Monday, 8/15/11.

Media Guide Business/Student Ad Order: Per Jo Ann Knippa who’s overseeing the ABMG, they’re still taking orders for business and student ads. The deadline for the first publication is Saturday, 8/20/11. Order forms may be obtained on the band’s website at


Parents: Please remind you children to put any checks for fees etc. in the locked blue box, not the Band Forms box. There has been some cash and a few checks put in the form box and it is not secure.

Cy Creek High School

Stay Hydrated!!!! Drink! Drink! Drink!

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