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TWIB 5/21/2012
Posted on May 21st, 2012

Hey Band and Color Guard!

There will be a meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:30 in the band hall for percussion parents to discuss the upcoming competition season. 

Band forms may be found on the website  There are several pages that must be completed in order to participate in marching season including a PHYSICAL signed by a physician.  DO NOT wait until the last minute.  Get your forms completed.  There is a clear plastic box in the band hall to return all forms.  If you have any questions regarding forms,
Carol Einkauf at  This is a district policy that we must conform to!

Summer Band Schedule  MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

Summer band is very important.  All students are required to attend all rehearsal during summer band. 
June 4-8 Percussion (battery am and pit pm)
July 23-27 Percussion ONLY
July 30 & 31: Leadership and New Marchers. 8:00 am - Noon
July 31: Mandatory Parent Meeting. 7:00
August 1 – 3: Full Band 8:00am – Noon. Music play-off 1:00 – 4:00
August 4: Registration/Fee Day. 8:00am – 2:00pm
August 6 - 10: Full Band 8:00am – 4:00 pm
August 10: Rock-A-Thon Lock-in 11:00pm – 6:00am
August 13 - 17: Full Band 8:00am – 4:00pm
August 20 – 22: Full Band 4:00 pm – 7:00pm
August 23: Full Band 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Exhibition Performance: 7:00pm. Kick-Off Dinner following performance.

Flags for Memorial Day:  This is our first summer flag holiday and lots of people are involved. Thanks!  This fundraiser couldn't be done without you.  All those who have signed up are listed below.  Please come to the band hall between 9 AM-noon this Saturday, May 26 to deliver flags to the neighborhoods then bring the flags back to school between 11:30AM and 6PM on Tuesday, May 29.

Transporation will not be provided nor arranged.  Please make sure you have a way to deliver and return the Memorial Day flags.

We still need people to work at the July 4 flag holiday.  If you are available please Cathy Elijah (281-989-1031)  know.  We NEED you!  We can help with transportation at this time only because we are understaffed.  Refreshments will be provided too.  Come join the fun!

Mason  Adams
Julia Anderson
Justin Arteritano
William Ashby

Ethan Balcar
Breanna Bilbo
Cameron Blake
Evan Blum
Ryan Bunck

Benson Chu
Alex Cook
Grant Cook
Desiree Cordova

Anna Donnelly

Stephen Einkauf
Jacob Eissler
Grace Elijah
Macey Ellis
Jacob English
Matthew English

Nicole Felton

Gabrielle Gaines
Ernesto Galvan
Jean-Claude Gazzaneo
Gabe Granthan
JeRae Granthier
Jeremiah Guillermo

Tyler Henthorn

Julian Jenkins
Travis Johnson
Emmaleigh Kercsmar
Meagan Kern
Tobyn King
Krishna Kosigi
Nicholas Kramer
Aaron Krolow
Laura Krolow
Kyle Krueger

Amy Lam
Meaghan Larkin
Conner LeMay

Naren Makkapati
Brian Malbec
Micheal Mathews
Elliot Matson
Kadie McDougald
Carlos Medina
Josh MeyerEmily Minner
Benjamin Moreman
Daniel Mundy
Angie Muniz
Lillie Muyskens

Joshua Patterson
Morgan Patterson
Amber Perry
David Peterson
Jessica Plane
Nicole Plane
Stuart Powell
Logan Pyper
Alex Ramirez
Caesar Ramirez
Myranda Ramos
Andrew Riggs
Joe Rinaldi
Kristin Russell

Emily Salinas
Nicolas Salitros
Daniel Schlomer
Ashlynn Scott
Brett Siebeneich
Tim Smith
Robert Sorto
Nate Sveter

Sierra Teutsch
Rachel Thetford
Alyssa Tichenor
Will Titone
Chase Tracey
Aron Trevizo

Joshua Vandervort
Peter Vane

Aaron Walker
Jared Walton
Martin Washburn
Forrest Wolfe
Spencer Wolfe
Hannah Zedaker
Ryan Zeutschel
Benjamin Zimmerman
Zachary Zinksky

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