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TWIB 8/24/2012
Posted on August 26th, 2012

Hey Color Guard and Band!

Our show is looking awesome!  I personally loved the percussion show! (I can't help it if I am a little prejudice! HA!)
Everyone is working so hard and IT SHOWS!!!  Hope everyone has a great first day back!  A huge thank you to Kara Merkel for planning the awesome show-off dinner last night.  What a great start!


Saturday, August 25 - Cougar Day Pep Rally. Report 12:30 PM. Perform 1:00. Done and go home at 1:30.

Monday, August 27 - First day of school activities. Report 6:45 AM. Perform on Main Street. No required dress.
Monday, August 27 - Color Guard Practice, 3:30-6:30
Tuesday, August 28 - Marching Band Practice, 3:30-6:30
Wednesday, August 29 - Band and Guard, 3:30-5:30
Thursday, August 30 - Band and Guard, 3:30-6:30
Saturday, September 1 - Flag Fundraiser Day.


Remember many of you will have an early lunch.  It is a long time to 5:30 or 6:30.  Bring your water bottles and hearty snack!

Flag Fundraiser:

Berri Swirl Band Sponsorship:  Enjoy frozen yogurt and earn money for band activities!  Berri Swirl Frozen Yogurt, next to iT'Z and Movie Tavern on Highway 249, will provide 10 % of the applicable sales, requested using the band's special code, as band donations.  Band members and friends of the band can purchase frozen yogurt using the code CCBBS (It stands for Cypress Creek Band Berri Swirl to help you remember the code!).  So have some great tasting yogurt, use the code and tell your friends and family who would like to support the band.  Also, let them know at Berri Swirl just how much we appreciate their support!!

Renewal Process:  We have received 997 renewals of the 1,699 flag orders last year, or 59 %.  Flags with Pride will be sending out reminders, so we expect more to come!  In addition, thanks to letters in newsletters and parents and students voluntarily putting out fliers, we have 65 new orders already!  Flag customers have also donated $568 to the band.

Flag Shirts:  Flag shirts are available for $7 each.  Shirts pre-ordered on Fee Day will be available on September 1st and at booster meetings if you need to pick them up later.  If you pre-ordered and haven’t made your payment, please bring the payment when you pick up the shirt.  There will also be some extra flag shirts available for purchase on September 1st when flags go out and on September 12th when they are returned.  After that, you can pick up order forms in the band hall or print one off the website (not available yet).  Remember that purchasing the flag shirt is optional.  We would like to show our school pride and patriotism though, so you can wear any Cypress Creek blue band shirt if you don’t want a flag shirt.

Labor Day and Patriot Day:  We will be sending out the list of students signed up for these holidays soon!  When received, make sure to email Gail at if there are any issues.

Saturday, September 1st  from 9:00 am to noon:  Pick up flags and routing sheets at the Cy Creek Band Hall and deliver to customers.  Pick up flags by driving down the first alley to your left behind the band hall.  That is the door closest to the room where flags are stored.  You may also enter from the front through the door to the left of the band hall door as you are looking at the building.  It is the entry way to the small commons area.  Flags will be delivered to addresses listed on the routing sheets.  You will keep the routing sheet packages with you and pick up the flags after Patriot Day.

Wednesday, September 12th from 5 pm to 8 pm:  Pick up flags from customers and return to the Cy Creek Band Hall.  Remember to neatly roll flags individually when picked up and wrap a rubber band around each one.  When you return them to the high school, place them all the way to the back of the flag carts, straightly aligned, to avoid tears and snags.

Fliers for Labor Day:  Volunteers for fliers may either coordinate to go out with flag delivery routes on Saturday morning or go out in the afternoon after the flags have been delivered.  Fliers will go to houses that do not have a flag placed in their yard.  The areas that we are specifically targeting are Lakewood Forest and Prestonwood Forest.  Please email Gail if you plan to coordinate with flag deliveries on Saturday morning.  The suggested time for going out in the afternoon is from 2 pm to 7 pm.

For Veterans Day and remaining flag holidays for the year, the sign-up sheets will be available on the band website:    The anticipated dates and times will be shown on the website as well, subject to unavoidable changes due to any band schedule conflicts.  Reminders for exact times will be sent as each holiday approaches.  Current Schedule:

Format below is Holiday:  Delivery to Residents Day/Time; Pickup from Residents Day/Time

Labor Day and Patriots Day:  Sat., Sept. 1st,  9 am to noon;  Wed., Sept. 12th,  5pm-8pm
Fliers for Labor Day:  Sat., Sept. 1st,  9 am to noon with route  OR  2 pm to 7 pm after flags are put out
Veterans Day:  Sat., Nov. 10th, 9am-noon; Mon., Nov. 12th,  5pm-8pm
Presidents Day:  Sat., Feb 16th,  9 am-noon; Tuesday Feb 19th,  5pm-8pm
Memorial Day:  Sat., May 25th,  9 am-noon; Tuesday May 28th, 5pm-8pm
Independence Day:  Wed., July 3rd,  9 am-noon; Friday July 5th,  9am-noon

The rules for signing up are that each student is required to sign up for 3 holidays.  9, 10, 11 grades:  2 flag holidays in school year and 1 in summer (Memorial Day or 4th of July).  Seniors may pick 3 holidays prior to the summer holidays, but if they want to commit to a summer holiday, they can.  We will count on Seniors being there if they sign up for the summer.

We are so impressed by the amount of community support for this project.  Our community neighbors enjoy it so much and tell us how proud they are of the band students for the hard work that goes into this project.  Thanks to all the students and parents for making it a great success!!


If you are a freshmen, a blue polo was included in your new member fees and has been ordered for you.  If you are a returner and need a new blue polo, we are going to make a new order.  Have you outgrown your polo?  This is the time!  Email MS HOLSTIEN and let her know and you must pre pay.  Orders must be placed by this Wednesday August 29.   E-mail:


Monday  (8/27/2012) PASIC rehearsal 3 pm -- 6 pm
Tues.     (8/28/2012) Band rehearsal   3:30 -- 6:30
Wed.     (8/29/2012) Band rehearsal   3:30 -- 5:30
Thurs.    (8/30/2012) Band rehearsal   3:30 -- 6:30
Fri.        (8/31/2012) PASIC rehearsal 3 pm -- 5 pm

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Amy Rothrock - August 28th, 2012 at 6:55 PM
I am a customer for the flag project, and my address is 5107 Verdant Way, Houston, 77069. I truly enjoy seeing all the flags waving on holidays, and want to commend your organization for a great idea for a fundraiser. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and my flag holder is placed to the right of my sidewalk and is tucked back where no one can see it, including me! Would it be possible to move the holder to between the driveway and mailbox? That way I and everyone else will see my flag waving proudly. Keep up the good work!
Nguyen Le - September 6th, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Thank you, Amy. I will forward your comments to Gail who's in charge of the flag fundraiser.
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