Cy-Creek High School
Band and Color Guard
School Address: 9815 Grant Road #414 - Houston, TX 77070
Important Update 8/31/2012
Posted on August 31st, 2012

Dear Band and Color Guard

SENIORS - we need your baby picture for the Athletic Program turned in to either the blue box or you can email it to Mr. Le at NO later than Wednesday, Sept. 5 in order to be included on the Guess Who? part of our band photos.

Cy Creek Band Flag Fundraiser Pickup and Delivery Guidelines:

All flags must be picked up for delivery to customers and returned back to Cy Creek for storage within the 3 hour time frame on the days that are set aside for this purpose. 
With over 1600 customers, it is chaotic when we do not have a consistent and standard operation.  When planning for flag pick up and return, we must have a band director at the school the entire time to unlock and lock doors at the school as well as Flag Fundraiser volunteers who have committed to be there during the 3 hour window to check flags in and out for students.   Problems arise when flags are picked up and delivered at different times or on different days.  This can generate negative customer relations and/or experiences when customers in one area have their flags a day early or have their flag picked up at a different day or time.
All students should be careful to check their calendar for conflicts when signing up for the Flag Fundraiser holidays.  Sometimes conflicts come up that can't be helped.  If a student has a last minute schedule conflict, here are some possible solutions:
1.  Contact the Flag Fundraiser coordinator and let them know you cannot take out your route.  Then add a route to another holiday that you are signed up for and complete 2 routes on that holiday.
     Students can double up and even triple up their routes on flag holidays to complete their commitment of 3 holidays.
2.  Ask another band friend if they can switch holidays with you.
3.  Ask a friend, relative or parent to complete your route for you.  You then own them big time!  ; )

We want the Cy Creek Band Flag Fundraiser to be as successful as possible!   We appreciate everyone's hard work and commitment to the program!  We hear many positive comments from our community about how nice the flags look when they are out during the six holidays.  Please plan to wear your flag shirt, a Cy Creek shirt or any blue shirt when you are working the flag fundraiser.
Thank you for all your support and hard work!

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