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TWIB - 10/27/2013
Posted on October 28th, 2013

Hey Band!
Lots of information this week!  Please read carefully!
Message from Mr. Drake:
Band -
I hope you enjoyed your first post-UIL week of band!  I hope you found it a bit more relaxing and maybe even a bit more fun.  (I hope you had that mandatory fun at the game!) Soak it in!  You deserve it.  
This week we will use our last home game halftime to honor our senior class.  Seniors, when you move to the front of the field to have pictures taken with your parents we will hear for the first time the band play without you.  While we will clearly miss the sound of your playing, it is your smiling faces and personalities without equal that we will miss dearly after you have moved on to the next stage of your lives.  Seniors, you have so many more great memories to make together this year!  I look forward to experiencing these band memories with you as you continue with the rest of your very best year of high school.

 -Mr. Drake

Details for senior week:
Seniors will wear jeans, letterman jackets, and college shirts to the game.
Senior parents will come onto the field during halftime.  When seniors move to the front of the field and stand in a straight line, parents will move forward and stand next to them while their names are read and the band plays the Alma Mater.  Your seniors will tell you after rehearsal Thursday what yard line they will be closest to so you can find them.  Mr. Hoang will take pictures of seniors and their parents during the reading of names and the alma mater.  There is no dress code for parents, just whatever you want to wear and stand on the field in.  Your seniors will be casually dressed so you may be so as well.  If the parents are not chaperones to the game, they will need to purchase game tickets like a regular fan.  Senior parents can congregate with chaperones and sit with them if they like during the game.

Rehearsal this week:
Thursday 3:30-6:30 (we will end early if possible!  It would be great to get home and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters!)
We will have a costume contest!  Categories are best costume, funniest costume, and scariest costume, and best group costume.  Winners get a soda of their choice purchased for you by the directors.

Friday the football game is 7:00 PM at Berry Center, 8877 Barker Cypress, Cypress 77433. We are the home team. 
If you are on a payment plan for band fees, please make sure you are current. We are paying our bills from marching season and appreciate your on time payments!  Thank you!
 Our next flag holiday is coming soon—Veterans Day, November 11th.  Thanks to all your hard work, we have 2,056 flag subscriptions, exceeding our goal of 2,000.  Congratulations band!!

The list of volunteers is attached.  We need some volunteers to make changes on flag routes: 3 students to switch to help get the flag carts out/back in and to coordinate getting flags out to vehicles on September 9; 2 students to switch to help get the flag carts out/back in and to coordinate getting flags back in on September 12; 6 volunteers to switch to later holidays.  We only have 34  people signed up to help on July 4th, 2014.  Please see if you can switch to July 4th or commit to July 4th if you haven’t signed up for your 3 flag holidays for the year.  Contact Gail at

Flag Holiday:   Veterans Day on November 11, 2014

Pick up flags from the school on Saturday, November 9 from 9:00 A.M. - 11:00
A.M.  The flag carts will be available in the band parking lot for loading flags into vehicles.  Pick up your routing packets in the hall next to the small commons area.  Tables will be set up by neighborhood routing areas, so get there early if you want to choose a particular route/neighborhood.  If you need to pick up your packet after 10:30 am, please send an email to and we will hold a route back with your name on it.

Return flags to the school on Tuesday, November 12th from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

See you on November 9th!  Remember to wear your flag shirt or band shirt to represent the Cy Creek Band!!

We really appreciate your continued support!!!

Upcoming Dates:

ATTN Parents:
We have an incredible group of dedicated bus drivers that volunteer to work the extra shifts that are needed to take our kids to the games and competitions.  They like working with our kids because they are super respectful and have a great reputation for being good kids.  Each year we take a collection of cash donations to provide the bus drivers with a token of our appreciation.  If you would like to contribute to this tradition, please send your donation to the band hall and have your student place it in the blue box by Monday, November 4th.  Mark it 'bus drivers' so the contribution goes to the correct place.  Thank you!

November 5th, Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Band booster meeting.  Your second band trip payment is due!  There is still time to sign up!  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Spring Trip.  Remember:  It isn't the Cy Creek Cougar Band without you!

Thursday, November 14 7:00 PM

Marching Band Celebration Dinner!
We will have our annual Marching Band dinner on November 14 in the commons at CCHS.  The meal will be catered by Pappasito's.  Our senior students will have their dinner paid for by the boosters.  Everyone else is invited to purchase a ticket for $14.  Please see the band website for the form and return it with payment to the blue box by Friday, November 8.

Q.  Wait, what?  What is this dinner?
A.  You SURVIVED marching band and the only people that know exactly what that means are your fellow band family members!  Come on out and celebrate our terrific season!

Q. My kid says no parents are coming and I should not come either.  Is that right?
A.  Um, no.  We'll be there so come and join us! (Just don't expect to sit with your band member...)

Q. TBH, I need to get the little one down by 8PM, do I have to be there?
A.  No, but we will miss you!

Q.  What happens at this event?
A.  We celebrate and honor all things marching band.  The shows from the last four years will be playing and all kinds of recognition will take place.

Q.  Sounds fun!  (And delicious!)  Sign me up!
A.  Great!  Send your form with payment to the blue box and we'll get  plate reserved for you and your crew!

That's it for this week!  Have a great week and Go Band!


PS.  Go by and visit Berry Swirl (near IT'z and Movie Tavern on 249) and use our code CCBBS and earn money for the band!  Tell your relatives and friends-anyone who uses the code counts!!  Let Berry Swirl know how much we appreciate their generous donation to the band!!  The offer is good ANYTIME, not just on flag holidays.

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