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TWIB 05/17/2015
by TWIB on May 17th, 2015

Hey Band!

From Mr. Drake:

 Cougar Band Members and Parents,

Aside from preparing for our upcoming spring concert, holding leadership auditions, and winding down the school year, we are full speed ahead organizing for Marching Band.  Attached are quite a few documents (Ten!  Count 'em!  Ten!)  including the Summer Band Calendar, a Calendar of Football Games and Band Contests, and various forms for you to fill out prior to Marching Band Day on May 30th.  Please make Marching Band Day a priority as it is essential to our upcoming season.  Please also sign up for a Band Booster Committee on Marching Band Day… perhaps think about where you’d best be able to serve the band and how much time you have to give.  Remember – any amount of time is great and your children would not be successful without your support.  Thank you for supporting them!

Marching Band Day - Saturday, May 30th, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Items to complete for Marching Band Day:

  • ​Bring payment for band fees.    Please fill out the Fee Payment Plan Form (see attached FeePaymentPlan) and bring with a fee payment on May 30th.   There is a detachable portion of the form with mailing information for fees over the summer as well as reminder dates.  Three payment options: 1 payment of $400 due May 30th. 2 payments of $200 each… one due May 30th and one due August 1.  4 payments of $100 each: May 30th, July 1st, August 1st, September 1st.  We need as many band fees paid up front as possible – summer band is a HUGE expense of almost $25,000 spent on master class teachers plus $10,000 spent on our marching show.
  • PLEASE update your Charms info if needed with as many CORRECT e-mail addresses as possible.  Directions attached.  Password is your child’s student ID number (you may need to ask them for this)
  • Forms
    • Physical (see Athletics_UIL Physical Packet 2015-2016) - needed if yours expires before summer.  If not, bring to day 1 of Summer Band.  No ECG form needed for current high school students – they already did this)
      • Physicals:  Physicals may be used for up to one year, so please have this done before summer band if your child is within their year.  Students may receive a physical at Creek on May 21st from 1-4 PM for $20 cash.  Your child MUST bring a completed physical form and signed waiver titled FILL ME OUT FOR SCHOOL PHYSICAL.  If your child does not bring the waiver they cannot have a physical done.  NOTE:   if you get your physical done on May 21st WRITE BAND IN THE “SPORT” SECTION.  We may not have a record of this being taken care at Marching Band Day… it takes the trainers a LONG time to sort out the physicals.  Please just be patient with us and tell us your child took care of it two days beforehand.
    • Travel Consent and Emergency Card (see TravelEmergency Form)
    • Signature Page from Band Handbook (last page) (see 2015BandHandbook)
​Please make sure Marching Band Day is on your calendars!   Parents, this is an important day for your child to practice marching, playing and learning the theme of the new marching show.  It is an important day for parents to hand in paperwork, pay band fees (make payment plans if necessary) and to sign up for volunteer opportunities with the Band Boosters – any help you are able to give is appreciated! 

Marching Band Day Schedule

9:00 AM – Students AND Parents meet in the commons (cafeteria) for information and marching show reveal
9:30 AM – Parents continue with Band Boosters to register their child and pay band fees and set up payment plans
9:30 AM – Students learn marching basics
12:00 PM – All students are provided pizza for lunch (students will not leave campus)
1:00 PM – Music Sectionals with teachers
3:30 PM – Full Band Rehearsal
4:30 PM – Performance for Parents in Gym.  Finished at 5.


See files on the form page
  • Athletics_UIL Physical Packet 2015-2016
  • Fill Me Out For School Physical (Waiver Form) if receiving a physical at Cy Creek on May 21st
​Make plans to have your physicals done before Summer Band - ALL physicals must be completed prior to Summer Band (even if your insurance won't allow you to get one!)  Attached to this e-mail is the Physical Packet for 2015-2016 – remember all band members are required to have a physical on file.  Please fill out ALL pages of the Physical Packet unless you are ONLY participating in band, then only 1 and 2 are required (the third page, for the ECG, is only needed Freshman year).  

​If taking a physical at Cy Creek on May 21st, the attached Waiver Form (Fill Me Out for School Physical") must be completed and brought along with the completed Physical Packet 2015-2016: 
  • Thursday, May 21, 1:00 - 5:00
  • Cy Creek Main Gym
  • Current 8th graders from Bleyl, Campbell and Hamilton
  • Current Cypress Creek students
  • A PARENT MUST complete the paperwork (forms page) PRIOR to student's arrival
  • Cost $20 CASH ONLY!! What a bargain!!!!
Concerto Contest

The finalists from the Concerto Contest will perform at Cy-Fair Christian Church on Grant right by the school on May 21st at 6 PM - come see some amazing soloists!

Brian Drake
Band Director
Cypress Creek High School
(281) 897 - 4248

From the Band Boosters:

Spring Concert and Band Booster Meeting, May 28

Families of students with a last name beginning M-Z will provide cookies for the reception after the Spring Concert on May 28.

Flags - 2/23 & 5/26 - Memorial Day

Flags go out next weekend (May 23rd)!

Flags out 9-11am on Saturday. Same students will return the flags to the band hall on Tuesday from 3:30-8:00pm.

Please check the attached schedule to determine if this is YOUR holiday.

We could also use extra help on Memorial Day with passing out fliers. If interested contact Lisa Servier.

Notify Lisa Sevier immediately at if you need an clarification. BRING A HAMMER!

​A LOT of help is needed or the July 4th Flags (7/3 & 7/6) Please note that all who volunteer will not miss any activities on July 4th as flags go out on 7/3 and are picked up on 7/6.  

​Attached is a list of students needing to volunteer more in order to fulfill their requested 3 flag holiday commitment (see "Flag Deficiencies").  If your student has not volunteered for 3 flag holidays, please contact Lisa Sevier to let her know how you will be completing your commitment. 

​If students would like to volunteer for additional holidays or if there is a discrepancy with either the Memorial Day Volunteers or Flag Deficiencies lists (see attached files) please e-mail Lisa Sevier.

Lisa Sevier
Flag Coordinator

TIPS for BAND FEE Day, May 31st

  • Bring your checkbook with multiple checks as you will be writing DIFFERENT checks for different items.
  • ​Fee day is NOT come and GO!  Please plan on arriving at 9:00 AM for the marching show announcement and remaining until your registration process is complete. As a courtesy, parents of upperclassmen will go first while parents of freshmen and new band students attend an informational session.

Volunteers needed:

We need 15-20 volunteers for fee day. Please contact Kim at to volunteer!


​Would you like to contribute to a gift for the Band Directors?  Send your donation to the Blue Box by Tuesday, May 26.  Make sure you mark it director gift donation!  

Please note the following dates for your calendar!

May 21 
Concerto Finals 6:00 PM Cy-Fair Christian Church on Grant near Perry
May 23 FLAGS OUT 9 AM-11 AM
May 25 School Holiday
May 26 FLAGS RETURNED 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM
May 26 Graduation Band rehearsal 3:00-5:00
May 28 Spring Concert and Booster Meeting 7:00 PM (Student last name M-Z. Please bring cookies for the reception after the concert!)
May 30 Marching Band Day (Fee Day and Marching Preview Day) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
June 2 Graduation Band rehearsal 12:30-2:30
June 6 Graduation begins at noon. Stay tuned for departure time. All Symphonic Band members will be performing (non-seniors!) with various members for Concert 1 asked to be part of the ensemble.

Have a great week and go Cy Creek Cougar Band!

Kathy Kelly Woodward
TWIB Coordinator 2015-2016


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