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TWIB 07/26/2015
by TWIB on July 24th, 2015

Hey Band!

From Mr. Drake:

Greetings Cougar Band Members and Parents!

​I hope you all have had a restful and enjoyable summer! I am VERY much looking forward to this year - it will be both memorable and successful. Please review the scheduling information below and attached calendar to make sure you are at all rehearsals and events. Please make sure everyone has turned in ALL forms, including a copy of your physical, on your first day of rehearsal (if you did your physical at school please remind me I need to find it for you). If you have paid Band Fees but have not yet received a water bottle, you will receive it on the first day (therefore you need to bring your own water source for Day 1.  You must pay your Band Fees and must bring your Cougar Band water bottle to practice.
​We will break for lunch from 11:30-12:30 every day during summer band from July 30th-August 13th except where otherwise noted. For everyone's safety students will not be permitted to leave campus to eat. Please make arrangements to bring your own food. You may have food dropped off for you and you may order delivery with your Sections, if you wish to.

Our social events during summer band are the Ice Skating party at the Aerodrome on 8/4, ROCK-A-THON on August 7th  and Pool Party at Norchester Pool on August 11th.  Ice Skating and the Pool Party are FREE!!  Further details about the ROCK-A-THON are below.
​VERY Important: Two important things happen on Friday, August 7th. The representative from Tote Unlimited will be at school at 4 PM selling marching shoes, garment bags, and tote bags. This is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to buy these items. The tote bags are purely optional but the shoes and garment bags are REQUIRED. Tote Unlimited only accepts exact change cash or check, NO CREDIT CARDS. Make checks out to Tote Unlimited.  Prices are as follows:
​Marching shoes: $44 Everyone but Guard needs these
Garment Bag: $21.65 Everyone needs this
Tote Bag w/Initials embroidered: $41.75 Optional except for Guard
​Let me reiterate again how you MUST come this day to purchase these items!
​August 7th is also our first fundraiser of the year, the ROCK-A-THON! This is an all-night party from 11pm-7am. Bring snacks, something to rock in, video games, board games, etc. This lock-in is a GREAT time and you should participate! Attached is a pledge form - find people who are willing to pledge to support our Band through your rocking that night. I encourage you to find members other than your immediate family to pledge. Members who raise $150 or more receive a free banquet ticket for the band banquet in May. Let's raise some money for our Band!
If you haven't spent much time outside, take this next week and re-acclimate yourselves to the Houston heat.  Spend some time outside, including at the hottest times of day, to get used to the temperature and humidity.  Begin to drink much more water than you think you need, every day until summer band starts and beyond.  Going to the bathroom more often is better than having trouble with the heat.  Eat at least three healthy meals a day, including BREAKFAST before every band rehearsal.  Breakfast should be light and packed with energy!  The heat can be tough to deal with, but you CAN do it!!  Practice your pass-off music!
​I can't wait to get started next week! Let's have a GREAT summer band!!!
​Items to bring:

Water bottle, hat, athletic shoes, light athletic clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses (on sale for $3), instrument, music, flip folder, and a positive attitude!
​Show Shirts - 3 Laws - Order Deadline August 3
Please see attached order form.  All Band Members are required to have a Show Shirt. 
The shirts are $16. (All band members will receive a Show Shirt free of charge)
Parents are also welcome to buy a shirt.   If a parent would like to buy one, please send cash/check for $16 in an envelope with the shirt size written on the envelope and give to me in the Band Hall. (Do not put in Booster Blue Box.) Deadline August 3.

There is no order form for ordering a show shirt.
Mr. Drake
Band Director
From the Boosters:
​Aerodrome Ice Skating: Tuesday, 8/4/15 from 6:30pm-9:00pm
At the Aerodrome on 249.  (Located between Grant Road and 1960 on the west side of the access road) 
This event is FREE for all band members....sorry no siblings or non Band guests.   Wear clothing that will keep you warm as you cool off after a hot day of marching practice!  Your ticket in is the attached waiver.  It must be signed by a parent and the student!
Students will skate for the first hour and then turn in skates and put on your sneakers for a rousing game of "Broomball".  Be prepared to have a great time at this favorite band tradition.  (The snack bar will be open if you need snacks or hot chocolate.  Bring money if you'd like to take advantage of that service.)
​ROCK-A-THON: Friday, 8/7/15 from 10:00pm-6:00am
The ROCK-A-THON is back by popular demand!  Fill out the attached donation form and bring it with your donations to the Cy Creek Commons on Friday night, 8/7/15, and be prepared to Rock the night away!  We will begin setting up at 10 PM and all students need to arrive ready to entertain themselves from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM Saturday morning!  Talk to your friends and sections to coordinate gaming systems and be sure to bring something to rock on.  
  • ​Parents:  this event was started to replace a traditional fundraiser where the kid sold coupon books to the community.  Parents were required to do a buy out of the book if the kids failed to sell the minimum.  We have had a WONDERFUL response by the community for ROCK-A-THON!  They are happy to make a donation and know that 100% of the money goes directly to the band program!  Please encourage your student to talk up the band in the area and seek out donations.
  • This is not intended to be another opportunity for mom and dad to write a check.  Although, your contributions are welcome.
  • Students must have $50 in donations to participate.  Students bringing in $150 in donations will earn a free band banquet ticket to the spring banquet.
  • AGAIN THIS YEAR:  Students will be having a photo taken early in the evening at this event for the website and for band buttons.  You will have on a uniform jacket, but be sure you look spiffy for the photo!
  • Pick up begins at 6:00 AM Saturday, August 8.  All students must be picked up by 6:30 AM.
  • This event is fully chaperoned all night long and the volunteers will be ready to head home.  Please be on time!
  • ​We request that no student drive home on Saturday morning after being up all night.  Parents, please plan to pick up your child or carpool with another adult. Safety first!
Pool Party - Norchester Pool: Tuesday, 8/11/15 from 6:00pm-8:00pm
The pool is located on Jones Road just north of the Grant/Jones intersection.  The event is FREE and you should attend! 
Spirit Sales - Joan Hixon
There will be two opportunities to purchase Spirit Items for our upcoming Band season: 
  • Order Date - Friday, 8/7
    • Delivery - Thursday, 8/20 at Show Off and Dinner
  •  Order Date - Thursday, 8/20
    • Delivery - TBA
Take advantage of the 8/7 Order Date and have your new Spirit Items in time for our 1st game!

Photo Buttons - $5.00 
See attached Order Form. Please submit order and payment on Friday, 8/7.  
​Show Off and Dinner: Thursday, 8/20/15 starting at 6:00pm
We will have a marching show preview, followed by a meal and a Booster meeting that will include a preview of how marching season works and information about Flag holidays.  See attached RSVP form to reserve your dinner plate.  Place form and money in the Blue Box in the band hall NO LATER than Friday, August 14.  No payments will be accepted at the door.  We MUST have meals pre-ordered and paid.
​**From the Treasurer: 

Thank you very much for the payments that have been made over the summer!  As of August 1st, the 3rd payment is due!  It is important that we complete payments for band fees by September 1st so the band can meet our financial obligations.  Questions?  Please contact Bronwyn Skyvara.
FAQs about band fees:

Q: OMG! I forgot to send in a payment over the summer! I am SO sorry. What do I do?

A. Please send your payment to band with your student. Put your student's name in the memo line so we can credit the correct child. Place all payments in the LOCKED BLUE box. (Ask if you need help finding it) Please don't send cash.

Q.  Thanks.  How can I tell how much I have paid and how much I still owe?

​A.  All payments are noted in CHARMS.  Band Fee details are on the band website. Still have questions?  Contact Bronwyn.

​Q.  I sure wish we could spread this out over the whole year.

A.  We hear you!  Did you know that the bulk of our expenses occur during marching season?  Fun Band Fee Fact:  Fees haven't gone up in the last five years!

​Q.  Wow!  I did not know that!  I'm glad to know the band is working hard to keep our costs as low as possible.

A.  Thanks.  It takes all of us doing our part by working the flag routes or participating in the ROCK-A-THON, but we have a lot of fun doing it!  
Social Media:

Remember to like us on Facebook: Cy-Creek Cougar Band

Mark our website in your favorites: (Hint: You are on it right now!)
Upcoming dates:

Tuesday, August 4  
6:30 - 9:00PM  Ice Skating at the Aerodrome
Friday, August 7    10:00PM - 6:00AM  Rock-A-Thon in the Cy Creek Commons​
Tuesday, August 11  6:00 - 8:00 PM Pool Party at the Norchester Pool 
Thursday, August 20 Summer Show Off at 6:00 PM  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
Monday, August 24 First Day of School

August 21 - September 86 First Choice ER - more information to follow
Labor Day and Patriot's Day Flag Holiday:
​Saturday, September 5, 9:00 AM - Flags go Out
​Wednesday, September 12 - Flags Returned

​Thursday, September 3 - First Football Game, AWAY Klein Oak vs. Cy Creek, 7:00 PM
​Friday, September 9 - "8th Grader" - 8th graders are invited to participate with the Band at the football game

​Competitions (more information to follow): 
Saturday, October 3
Saturday, October 10
Saturday, October 17 

​March 9-13, 2016, "Music for All National Festival", Indianapolis, IN
Symphonic Band 

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